The king of razors

I’ve been dicking around with a lot of different DE razors lately, but today I went back to the one tried-and-true shaving rig I always come back to: the classic Gillette adjustable DE razor, loaded with a Feather Platinum blade.

No matter what other razor I try, no matter how expensive or popular it is, I never get a shave as good and comfortable as the shave I get from an old Gillette adjustable. Some of the younger jackasses on the forums diss the vintage Gillettes as being mediocre razors, but they’re wrong — about so many things, but also this. I’ve tried every DE you can score nowadays, and the Gillette is by far my favorite. Loaded with the crazy-sharp Feather Platinum blades, the Gillette can outshave the high-dollar Merkurs and do it with less skin irritation to boot.

No, you don’t get that wonderful scraping sound the $120 Merkur Vision makes. And no, it’s not an Uzi, so it doesn’t weigh a ton. It originally sold for a buck apiece and many millions went into worldwide circ, though they command much more these days on eBay. I’d check with your dad or grandpa first — they might still have one in a drawer somewhere.

Give it a good blade and learn how to use it — especially after spending a few weeks experimenting with everything from the Vision to the latest “Xtreme Shaving” darling, the Merkur Slant, I’m convinced now more than ever that the vintage Gillette adjustable is the best DE there ever was.