How To Be Perfect



The Right Good Rev. Daniel Harrell has honored this Vile Wicked Blog yet again with another volley in what some are calling “the greatest game of Layer Tennis ever played.”

In our case, instead of two graphic design goofuses lazily farting Photoshop wankery back and forth on a slow Friday when they should be dodge’n’burnin’ the new Kal Kan ad for the Thrifty Nickel, the Padre and I go back and forth with ye olde log-rolling, him using wet-shaving as a metaphor for spiritual renewal, me using his sermons as validation that I am nothing less than a prophet for our times — a seer, if you will — and that my word should be taken as Natural Law.

Speaking of Layer Tennis, my brother Mark did the music for this great short film about the making of Coudal’s new Field Notes. Me, I’m all about WriteRoom on the iPad these days but if you feel your “mind mapping” diagrams for that selvedge denim and used vinyl boutique you and your girlfriend want to open in that crack neighborhood where that guy was just killed requires the formal imprimatur of ink on pulp, maybe you want to treat yourself to a beautiful handmade artisanal notebook for ten bucks a trio. As the man says, this shit is the steeze yo.