Philip Bloom is a filmmaker who shoots with hopped-up digital SLRs for a much more cinematic look than you get out of your typical smartphone or handcam. I’ve leaned on Bloom’s blog since I started shooting with my own hopped-up Lumix GH2 and I’ve marveled at the technical and artistic quality of the short films he makes with just a DSLR and a laptop.

Bloom has a special obsession with shaving, as the above clip demonstrates. Check out that razor-sharp high-def footage of shaving, and especially the nutty 100mm macro lens closeups of his whiskers, which look like trees growing out of a giant flaky croissant. Yeah yeah, he’s using an electric razor, wotta wanka. Fact is you need to use an electric when your beard’s that long. You try attacking that bramble with a DE and see how enjoyable the experience is for you. He’s doing it right, and expertly filming himself all the while. Not an easy trick to pull off. His depth of field is, pun intended, razor thin. If you know what that means you know how impressive his shooting fu is.

Bloom’s growing a mustache during the month of November for Movember, a charity project focusing on prostate cancer awareness. I’ve never grown one myself — I can’t not fiddle with the stubble on my upper lip, and it bothers me every waking second until I shave it clean and can breathe easy again like I puffed some Albuterol. Look, the point is, prostate cancer kills, so get your balls checked already. Then watch the video again.