I admit it. Though I’ve taken self-pampering to heretofore uncharted heights since I started this whole wetshaving trip, I’ve never been truly spoiled till I started using Feather blades in my Injector.

Even back when I was using a DE razor not too long ago, I never had that one combo of razor and blade that shaved me significantly better than all the rest. Sure, I love the Merkur HD, and with a Merkur Platinum blade it’s my favorite DE of them all. But I can get just as good a shave from a Gillette adjustable DE, or hell, even the old brass non-adjustables, which Merkurs are near-copies of in the first place. I can get the same quality shave from Merkur’s other DEs like the Progress, the Futur, the Vision. Since all of them give equally good shave, I never got so hung up on one of them that I couldn’t bear shaving with the others.

Not so with the Featherjector. I’m at the point now where I’m addicted to the shaves I get from a Feather-loaded Injector. I’m serious. Yesterday I tried a new Injector I just got off eBay, so I gave it a stock Schick blade just to be safe. While the shave was better than what I used to get from the DEs, it wasn’t anywhere near as close and straight-razorlike as the Featherjector. And today, when I went back to my ol’ faithful E3 bakelite and gave her a fresh Feather Pro Super and some Taylor’s Lavender lather from my Vulfix #2235 brush, I was so happy just from the popping sound of the very first stroke because I knew that this shave was going to be one of the greats, which of course it was. That outcome’s never in doubt with the Featherjector.

Still, it’s weird to have just one razor/blade combo that does it for you. Maybe this is how some of the straight razor He-Men feel about their sharpest cut throat. I never felt this way about a razor before. And I’m not alone — I was talking to another shavegeek about the Featherjector, and he’s so stoked by the shaves he gets from this rig that he’s sold off all of his DEs! That’s it — he’s through. He got to the Promised Land. Amen, brother, amen.

I’m scared by the thought that I might have reached it, too. I don’t want to quit dicking with razors! But I already have. A few months ago, I had to force myself to shave with the same razor twice in a row. If I shaved with an HD yesterday, I itched to shave with a Progress, and then a Gillette, and then a Slant. I always found myself itching to try the other DEs in my stable.

But now with the Featherjector, the itch is gone. Is that a good thing? I’m not sure yet. But every morning I can’t wait to shave with this amazing razor, because it gives me the kind of shave I’ve been after ever since I started down this path, except it does it faster and easier than anything else I’ve tried. So much so that I’ve got a drawerful of cool razors — the entire Merkur food chain, scads of Gillette adjustables, fixed-heads, open-combs, straights, you name it — and they might as well be chopped liver for all the face time they’re getting.

As long as I’ve got some Feather blades, I’m shaving with the Featherjector. If I run out, I’ll make do with Schick blades and call Ray several times a day, manically scratching my face and bleating into the receiver, “WHY YOU HOLDING OUT ON ME, MAAAAN?!”