I am a Lady

The BBC comedy “Little Britain” features the team of Matt Lucas and David Walliams. I’ve already talked about Matt and his uncanny female impersonations, but David’s best-known character is Emily Howard, England’s least convincing transvestite. “I am a lady!” she maintains, convincing no one.

Emily would have no problem convincing anyone if she’d just shave with the razor I used this morning — the fabulous (double snap) Lady Eversharp:

I originally bought this razor on eBay for beloved wife, who’s complained about her various gam shavers for as long as I’ve known her. I’ve given her ladies’ Gillette DE razors to try, but she didn’t like them any better than the twin-blade Lady Sensor she uses. Since the Injector razors gave me better shaves than DEs, I figured she might like a Lady Eversharp for gam duty.

So she shaved one stem with the Injector and the other with her Lady Sensor and asked me to feel which one was smoother (I’d previously hipped her to the trick of using men’s Sensor Excel blades with her Lady Sensor, which are considerably sharper and longer lasting than the versions sold to women for this razor) . Of course, I picked the Lady Sensor leg, so beloved wife gave me the pink Lady Eversharp back.

Hey, at least she likes Cremo Cream.

Aside from the pink handle and gold-tone accents, the Lady Eversharp appears to be a standard Injector, with the same blade exposure and head profile of the men’s Injectors, as well as the Hydro-Magic lever that loosens the blade holder to allow for rinsing the blade thoroughly after a shave. From all outward appearances, the Lady Eversharp looks like it would shave no differently than any other 1960’s-era Injector, except that it’s pink and gold, and curvier than the men’s models.

I decided to try the Lady Eversharp today to see if it could cut the mustard. Since I wasn’t sure just how aggressive or not so this razor might be, I loaded it with a new Schick blade instead of my usual clipped Feather Pro Super disposable straight razor blade. The Schick isn’t nearly as sharp, so it’s a safer bet if you don’t know how aggressive a razor is.

I lathered up with Taylor’s Avocado cream and a Vulfix badger brush, and lay my hand upon Pinky. She felt very, very different in my hand than my usual 1940’s bakelite Injector — more top-heavy, and of course the longer handle meant a held her farther away from the shave head.

But Injectors being Injectors, it didn’t really matter. As long as you lay the shave head flat against your face, that’s all you need to do to get them shaving. And Pinky was no different. A long-handled razor feels different in the hand than a short-handled one, but it’s not a profound difference, and by the third swipe it wasn’t a factor.

As for the shave, the Lady Eversharp seemed less aggressive than the Type E Injectors I normally use. Part of that was due to the Schick blade versus the Feathers I normally feed my razors, but even so, Pinky had less bite than my bakelite Injector. I had to go over areas several times in order to get the same shave I normally get from a single swipe of a Feather-fed E3 razor.

The shave took longer, but I was able to get a very respectable shave from the Lady Eversharp. Not the closest I’ve ever had, but I can’t get much closer with my other Injectors unless I load them with a Feather blade, so I don’t blame Pinky. I bet if I gave her a Feather blade she’d shave like a dream.

But I won’t be giving her a Feather. Thing is, I prefer a shorter handle on my razors. The bakelite handle on my main Injector is the perfect size for me. And while I like the color pink when it comes to dress shirts and iPod Minis, I’m just not down with using a pink Injector. Even the baby blue colored Lady Eversharp I also got on eBay in case beloved wife wanted a second razor for the other bathroom looks pretty girlie. I already shave with floral shaving creams and foppish brushes — I need a manly razor to balance things out.

I’m rubbing my face as I two-finger this out and I feel stubble. With my usual rig, I don’t feel any stubble for another few hours at least. So tomorrow, it’s back to my manly-man’s Injector and the Feather Pro Super blade.