Sack o’ Woe

Yesterday’s shave with the QED sandalwood shaving soap left my skin feeling a bit more raw today than usual, especially on my neck and under my chin. There were some red marks on the base of my neck as well — this is sign-language for my neck saying, “Please go back to the Proraso shaving cream and stop dicking around with all these different products. You’re a grown man, not a demented kid. Enough with the guinea pig routine already — just use what you know works best and be done with it, you @%#$ shavegeek!”

I was planning to try the QED lime shaving soap today, but my neck needed some TLC. And when it comes to shaving, that means one thing and one thing only: Taylor’s rose shaving cream, that most maternal of all wetshaving products.

Same brush, same razor, same shaving routine. But today’s shave couldn’t have been more different than yesterday’s. The Taylor rose builds to a much thicker and more dense lather than the QED sandalwood’s, but that doesn’t really matter when it comes to shaving — Cremo Cream goes on thin and transparent, and barely registers as a “lather” at all, yet it shaves incredibly well.

What does matter is how well a lather lubes your skin and lets the blade glide over your face without skipping, catching, or dragging. In fact, it’s the only thing that matters. It’s why you use shaving cream, instead of simply shaving on a wet face.

The Taylor’s rose cream has never given me anything less than a superbly slick, highly lubricated, yet extremely soothing and comforting shave, and today’s shave was no different. This cream, moreso than most I’ve tried, is just plain a pleasure to shave with. It smells great, it lathers great, it shaves great, and it helps your skin recover from whatever beating it’s taken elsewhere. It’s the cream I always come back to when I’ve strayed with an untested cream, razor, or blade and I need to recuperate.

My skin already feels and looks better. If it looks fine tomorrow, I’ll give the QED lime a go. As I said, I’ve already gotten good results from the lavender QED soap, so I know this stuff can work well. I’m eager to see if the lime version is a better match for my skin than the sandalwood.