Sometimes a shave is just a shave

Like today, for instance. I just lathered up with Trumper’s violet, did two passes with the Merkur HD razor plus a final touch-up pass, rinsed and rubbed some Trumper’s lime skin food onto my face and neck. Done. It was all good. Didn’t have to think about any of it. I knew all the pieces of the puzzle always work well for me, so all I had to do was go on auto-pilot and let the perfect shave happen.

I don’t mean to make it all sound so boring, but in a way, it was. Today’s shave was perfectly optimized, but that perfection was fully expected given my track record with Trumper’s violet shaving cream and lime skin food, Merkur’s HD safety razor, and the Vulfix #2235 badger brush. They’re all old-fashioned, they’re all reasonably priced, and they all lock together for a shave that’s so uneventfully great that you begin to take it for granted.

It’s only when I decide to try something different, like the Mach3 Power, or that plastic Wilkinson DE razor they only sell overseas, that I beat up my face a bit and the fur flies. Bad for the way my face feels and looks, but good for generating interesting blogfodder, I guess.

Tell you what. In the interest of blogfodder, I’ll give the Merkur slant bar razor another go tomorrow morning. I haven’t really given this unique “crooked” DE a proper trial, and its controversial rep calls for, at the very least, a more in-depth stab than I’ve given it thus far. So tomorrow I leave the comfy comfines of the Merkur HD and wander into the wilds of the slant bar, the most wickedly aggressive non-adjustable DE ever made. Anything to entertain you people.