A Quick One While He’s Away

I had fifteen minutes to shower, shave, and pack the kids into the car for a weekender, so I went to my go-to Quickie rig, the razor I know I can haul ass with and get a perfectly respectable shave without carving my face up like a turkey: my favorite Gillette adjustable dialed down to 4.

I usually shave with the Gillette dialed up to 5 or 6, depending on what kind of blade I’m using. But if I’m really in a hurry and I’m going for the quickest good shave possible, I dial the Gillette back to 4 and buy myself some slop factor. That is to say, I don’t have to be quite so careful with my strokes. With the razor set up for a less aggressive shave, I can fly like nobody’s business, and get through a shave even more quickly than when I used to use a Mach3.

And the quickie shave? Not bad. Not my best ever, but perfectly respectable, and certainly smoother to the touch than anything I used to get out of the modern multi-blade razors back in the day. I didn’t have time for that extra blade-buffing I do to get the problem areas on my neck (more on blade-buffing another time), but I can let that slide on the weekend.