Monogamous Shaving: Day Four

I have a problem with delayed gratification. I freely admit it.

That’s why, when I heard that Dr. Chris Moss, author of the excellent Straight Razor Guide and one of the handful of genuine smartees on the shaving boards, liked to shave with a Filarmonica disposable blade straight razor, a cheap Spanish version of the Dovo Shavette I love, well, I immediately went online and hunted one down.

The only place I could find that sold the Filarmonica was Carr’s Barber Supply, a place that caters to real barber shops, not onesie-twosie consumer orders. Their minimum shipping charge was a buck more than the razor, but I ordered one anyway.

Only problem is, the next morning, for some reason, I decided to see if shaving with the same exact rig — razor, blade, brush and cream — for a week straight made for a better shave than all the jumping around from combo to combo I’d been doing ever since I got into this whole old-school wetshaving thing.

I stared at the Filarmonica this morning for quite awhile. I picked it up, unfolded it, and turned it over in my hand. It’s a cheap, stamped metal, poorly finished thing of absolute beauty. It looks like it was designed by someone in a Russian prison in the early 1800’s. If Carr’s sells it for 8 bucks, they probably get it for a buck or two. If that’s what they pay, then it must cost Filarmonica around fifteen cents to make this thing, if it even costs that much. I didn’t think anything could make the Dovo Shavette look solidly built, but I was wrong. The Filarmonica has size going for it — it’s closer to the size and shape of a real straight razor than the smaller Shavette — but beyond that, it’s about as finely crafted as a box cutter.

All of which is to say that I can barely hold myself back from shaving with it.

But I swore I would see this experiment through. So I stayed the course. I used the Merkur safety razor, Vulfix brush, and Trumper cream and skin food again for the fourth day in a row. The shave was even better than yesterday’s which means it was utterly excellent. Baby’s butt smooth, no stubble to the touch, and no irritation or red marks on my neck. The shave even went quicker this morning.

I want to try that Fillarmonica in the worst kind of way. It looks so crude it has to be great.

Serenity now. Serenity now.