Monogamous Shaving: Day Three

I almost hate to say it, but today’s shave was the best I’ve had in a long time. I say hate, because I really don’t want to know that the best shaves come from using the same razor, blade and cream every day. I love using different razors, rotating the great smelling creams like Taylor’s Rose, Proraso’s Eucalyptus, and especially Taylor’s extra-moisturizing Avocado, which might give me the best shaves of them all in addition to its unique and wonderful scent.

Switching things up every day is fun, and makes an interesting ritual even interestinger. Still, there’s a lot to be said for becoming the master of your shave domain by sticking with the same rig and letting perfection happen. Gordon, the eminence grise of the Wetshavers board on MSN, has been shaving with the same Gillette DE for forty years, and he seems pretty happy with things. I’ve never seen him whine about how to get a better shave, or whether this new wonder soap or that new wonder razor or this new wonder brush rocked his casbah, only to commence whining a week later when the bloom was off the rose and his shaves still sucked. Because they don’t suck. He gets a great shave. He shaves with the same setup, day in, day out. And seems very contented.

Meanwhile, I’m only on Day Three of sticking with the HD/Vulfix/Trumper rig, and already I’m itchy to try something different. Doesn’t matter that today’s shave was incredible — I want some variety.

And the worst is, I just got a Filarmonica disposable blade straight razor in the mail from Carr’s Barber Supply. Nine bucks (and ten bucks for shipping!) and it looks like it could give the shtupendous Shavette a run for its money.

I want to try it so bad, but I have four more days to go with the shaving monogamy experiment. Even a single stroke on a cheek would taint the data. So I snapped a Merkur blade in half and loaded the Filarmonica, but that’s as far as I let myself go. Okay, I shaved a small patch on my leg. Just to test it out. But that’s it till I’ve gone a week with the DE.