Billy Goat’s Gruff

I’ve got a patch of stubble on the underside of my chin, above my neck proper, that simply refuses to shave as smooth as the rest of my face. At least it won’t without serious irritation and red marks — I can shave it baby’s butt smooth, but it feels and looks like hell. If I go over the patch a few more times in a diagonal direction, directly against the whiskers’ grain, I can shave it glass smooth. But then it hurts. But man is it smooth. Despite the pain. Still, sure is smooth. Yet painful. That said..

I think I need to cool it and just let my underchin go from now on. Do I need it to feel perfectly smooth to my fingers, or is it better to have a tiny bit of roughness, with the benefit of having it look much better to everyone else (who’s clearly judging my daily shaves critically, as most passers-by regularly do — oh, they try to pretend otherwise, but they all, all of them, stare at my shaves and judge me in whole solely on their merit)?

Can I live with stubble only I notice? Do I care more about others’ pleasure than my own? I-I’m not sure.