Hedwig and the Optical Inch

Philips and Norelco aren’t brands known for edgy bathroom humor. The last time I attended the IFA show in Berlin, about the farthest out Philips was willing to go was dressing up several hundred German youth in orange lederhosen and matching Raggedy Ann and Andy wigs and making them all do Up With People style dance numbers — to introduce the company’s new line of DVD players.

Norelco, well — they make electric shavers. Is there anything more boring than an electric shaver? I’ve tried the best from Braun, Panasonic, and yes, Norelco, and got mediocre shaves that left my neck sore and red. My friend Mark swears by his electric, and damned if he doesn’t get a good shave from it. But I’ve had terrible luck with them.

That said, I admit I’m a total sucker for great advertising. And this viral video for Norelco’s new Bodygroom has me, inconceivably, teetering on the precipice of actually buying this @%#$ thing.

Click on everything, especially the music video. I can’t believe Philips and Norelco went along with this, but kudos, gentlemen. Please give us more.