The Good Doctor

I’m proud to report that the Ray Dupont Memorial shavegeek rig on eBay was taken with a whopping winning bid of $810! Congratulations “ForestFace”!

So the Simpson Chubby #3 Super Badger shaving brush donated by Lee’s Razors plus the Merkur Vision DE razor and the Classic Shaving hard shaving soaps I added to the kitty are currently banging around in the hold of a FedEx jet on the way to Houston, and a check for $810 is on its way to the Visiting Nurse Association of the Inland Counties Hospice.

Did I say $810? Even though that was the winning bid, ForestFace — a family and emergency medicine physician in Houston who would prefer to remain anonymous — explained in an email after the auction ended that he’d seen first-hand the difference hospice makes to the process we’ll all have to face someday, so instead of $810, he was sending a check to the VNA for $900!

Words don’t often fail me, but I just don’t know what else to say except jeez louise, wotta guy! Really, I don’t even know where to begin, so just read what the good doctor told me in his email:

“I only wish I had more to give to worthwhile causes such as hospice. Most individuals don’t really appreciate all that they have in this grand country and in their lives. I lived in Bolivia for a few years when I was younger, as an LDS (Mormon) missionary from 1986-88. What I found is that we indeed have much in our existence to be grateful for — but I was even more impressed with the lesson I learned from seeing just how happy individuals who were living in a two room adobe structure with a tin or thatched roof and 2 bare light bulb could be. They somehow seemed to usually have a smile on their faces. I was also impressed with their generous nature. I came to realize the relationship between giving and happiness, and I enjoy sharing what I have been given if it really will help others — hence my interest in really jumping in when you posted this auction.”

I’m blown away by this man’s generosity and spirit, and honored to know him. On behalf of the Dupont family, Lee Cantor of Lee’s Razors, and the VNA Hospice, I want to thank ForestFace for his extraordinarily generous donation, and the other bidders for their support of a worthy cause. Thank you!