Win a Simpson Chubby 3 Shaving Brush

Shaveblog has teamed with Lee Cantor of Lee’s Razors to auction off a brand new Simpson Chubby #3 Super Badger shaving brush to benefit the hospice which helped care for our friend Ray Dupont of Classic Shaving, who passed away on Saturday, April 8th.

Those wishing to bid on this brush may do so here, for eBay auction #6621529102. The winning bid will be donated to the Visiting Nurse Association of the Inland Counties in the name of the winner.

As all card-carrying shavegeeks know, Simpson is the most respected name in high-end shaving brushes, and the hand-made Chubby #3 in Super Badger is the largest and most expensive Simpson brush of them all. Retailing for $385, the CH3 Super is a true classic, considered by many experts and collectors to be the finest shaving brush ever created.

Aw hell, it’s late, I’ve been hitting the Chianti, and I’m in a misty-eyed mood — I’ll also throw in a Merkur Vision DE razor (retail value: $100) a 10-pack of Merkur Platinum DE blades, and two cakes of Classic Shaving shave soap! That brings the retail value of this state-of-the-art wetshaving rig to a whopping $500!

This is what they call a “win-win” — you get to own and enjoy Simpson’s biggest and most expensive brush, Merkur’s biggest and most expensive DE razor, plus a few month’s worth of blades and Ray’s own superior hard shaving soap, and the wonderful folks who gave our friend comfort and care get a generous donation in your name.

No PayPal on this one, kids, and no S/H fee either — I want every penny going to the hospice, and I’ll eat the shipping. The winning bidder must send a check made out to “VNA of the Inland Counties”, and they’ll receive an acknowledgement of their donation for tax purposes.

I miss you, Ray. We all do. Rest in peace, friend.