Philip Bloom is a filmmaker and evangelist of “HDSLR” - shooting high-definition video on one of the new high-end digital SLR cameras instead of a traditional video camera. Ever since I got my GF1 and hacked its firmware for better video quality, I’ve leaned on Bloom’s blog and marveled at the technical and artistic quality of the short films he makes with little more than a DSLR and some time spent hunched over a Mac.

Bloom has a special obsession with shaving, as the above clip demonstrates. Out of respect for the man and his work I’ve holstered the snark for this post because mainly I just dig watching razor-sharp high-def footage of shaving, and especially the nutty 100mm macro lens closeups of his whiskers, which look like trees growing on a giant flaky croissant.

Bloom’s growing a mustache during the month of November for Movember, a charity project focusing on prostate cancer awareness. I support their efforts but will not be growing a stache of my own, it being little more than a symbolic gesture and I really, really can’t deal with the itchiness and ’70s porn actor look. Also, unlike Bloom, I enjoy shaving every day, which is sort of self-evident I guess if you’ve been reading this far. But the guy’s a genius, one of the few people online whose work I follow like a blushing fanboy, and the video’s a visual treat. Enjoy, and please go get your balls checked this month.


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